Friday, August 14, 2009

Spin doctors might save Obamacare. They will not save patients!

An armada of spin doctors has been called at the bedside of Obamacare. Their mission is simple: to save the health overhaul project from a growing tide of grass root objections that rise from all corners: taxpayer groups, physicians, seniors.

Considerable resources are being spent in campaigns designed to discredit or intimidate opponents to Obama’s pet project while little is done to explain how much it will cost & even less to clarify what it will look like. Obamacare spin doctors use classical dialectic and propaganda recipes familiar to readers of Machiavelli and Schopenhauer (I prefer to keep Lenin & Goebbels out of the picture… out of respect for America!) .

A well worn stratagem consists in distracting attention from essential objections by focusing on what appear like unfounded critics or exagerations: such as those that predict that Government-driven reform will lead to euthanasia…

Seniors are the first logical victims of regulated medical services. However, mandatory euthanasia is not a likely outcome of modern Government-driven health reforms. Socialized health care systems such as those of the UK, Canada or even the Netherlands (that boasts an euthanasia-friendly legal framework) do not need active euthanasia to reduce the burden of senior citizens on their faltering redistributive pensions or health care systems. Physician scarcity, overcrowded hospitals and waiting lists achieve this just as efficiently.

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  1. Here's the funny top Glenn Beck finalist political satire spoof video making fun of Obamacare, and the progressive view of their "New America:" New America Video by Narf Biscuits