Sunday, August 9, 2009

Can common sense defeat health care demagogy? US polls tend to prove so!

Reason seldom has an easy way when it challenges charismatic leaders who fuzz reality with unrealistic promises to satisfy ideology. And health care is particularly vulnerable to emotional arguments... One could have feared that Obama and his advisers would have a smooth ride to socialized health care. Yet current polls show that a majority of Americans begin to see through the demagogic smoke that obscures the bottom line of irresponsible road maps for health reform... and that they are making their voices heard.

Swiss citizens demonstrated the same wisdom when 71% (!!!) of them told their politicians that they did not need a single payer (i.e. a single decider) to manage their health care. This was not in polls mind you, but in a referendum vote on March 11th 2007 that international media largely ignored. By the way: close to 80% of Oregon voters did the same in 2002!!! (read more)

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