Sunday, November 22, 2009

US Senate majority invites Bismarck to run US health care. Welcome to European decadence, America!

The US Senate has chosen the Bismarckian road to decadence. Americans will be faced with rationing of medical technology, downgrading of care for the elderly, ever rising insurance premiums, health inflation and higher taxes. Europeans are familiar with the scenario.

Regulation costs money.
The minute coercion steps into any market (and mandatory insurance is coercitive by essence), it sparks an exponential growth of controllers & bureaucrats.

Conversely, over regulated health care leads to a scarcity of nurses and physicians
- as Europeans now realize. Their doctors end up spending more time filling forms than writing prescriptions while patients queue for treatment!

American medicine long led the world in terms of innovation
. This is unfortunately doomed to change: irresponsible ideologues have voted mediocrity into US health care. Europe will no be able to piggyback on American therapeutic advances for much longer.

Voting makers of bad laws out of office will not root out mandates from health care. Politicians from all horizons can live with them. For ordinary citizens, of course, it's another matter.

The battle however is not lost! Civil disobedience
, in particular when constitutional principles are at stake, shows the way citizens may have to combat infringements to their fundamental liberties in health care...