Sunday, September 13, 2009

Spin & Tax, Tax & Spin: The Treacherous Trail to the Bismarckian States of America

America's spin doctor in chief demonstrated - in a forceful attempt to impose his views on health care - how deep the gulf can be, that separates political rhetoric from reason. His eloquence did not suffice however to blur hard facts. Forcing Bismarckian iron social security blueprints into the American way of life will come with more taxes. Who will be the most hit by health tax furies is still a matter of speculation. Stirring envy however is a well known tool of socialist plunder: successful executives are already on Obamacare's tax hit list. Health industries will predictably come next. Middle class income earners will not be spared for long.

Patients may have to wait more time for their turn to come... not only to get care! It took 15 years of mandatory health insurance before soaring insurance costs got the Swiss parliament to start digging into patient's purses. And this is only a beginning.