Sunday, February 27, 2011

Swiss med students yearn to treat patients not paper!

Swiss medical students see through the bureaucratic rationing and paper work that looms behind DRG's (Diagnostic Related Groups) in hospital care. They prove it in three powerful video clips produced by their association (SwiMSA).


  1. Medical doctors are not free to treat their patients, they became the slaves of an enormous bureaucracy, of a giant industry and eventually of government sponsored or socalled private insurance companies. In this perspective the increasing amount of paper is parallel to the huge capacities of our hard disks or cloud computing! Quite a paradox! Industry or other businesses solved the problem because in crisis they have to reduce drastically their non productive expenses and they did it regularly. Because the current model of hospitalised medicine is a sovietic one no improvment is possible on an organisational level, only more and more bureaucracy. Competition and reduction of the role of the state are mandatory if we want to save more patients. However these victims belong to the non visible face of economic and political problems as Bastiat said it.