Sunday, October 11, 2009

Kill Altruism in the Name of Morality

Barak Obama equates compulsory health insurance with "a core ethical and moral obligation". However, compelling citizen A to pay provider B for care of patient C is not the same thing as “looking out for one another.” The moral premise that claims to drive Obamacare is tainted by coercion. It will deliver nothing but bureaucratic hubris, patient suffering and taxes.

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Public welfare and its clones invariably kill altruism and charity whenever and wherever they are instituted. The minute government takes the reins of health care into its hands, it submits providers to the tyranny of political expediency while patients have to compete with other far more powerful groups to obtain their share of government redistribution. A cancer patient or his family will never meet the clout of industrial lobbyists or of environment fanatics. Obamacare already openly targets Medicare budgets.

In health care as in any other field of life, government coercion is never moral: it ultimately leads to strife or to slavery.

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