Wednesday, January 21, 2009

GAZA in distress - news from a friend

I met Omar Sha'Ban founder of PalThink for strategic studies a Palestinian think tank, in July 2008 in Alexandria Va. at an Atlas MBA Course. Omar is a man of peace. He lives in Gaza. As a true man of peace he cannot understand the ruthless violence and destruction his land has suffered through four dreadful weeks. Read his first hand eye-witness account of a Palestinian nightmare in: "Old questions in need of new answers".
Israel is unfortunately no exception. States as institutions are fundamentally made for war. They generally excel in destruction. Humanitarian missions are incompatible with their essence. Entrusting governments with tasks such as providing or regulating health care makes no sense. Patients do not count in the minds of individuals capable of ordering bombs and missiles against fellow human beings... The shelled hospitals of Gaza prove this point beyond dispute.

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